Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Who takes shots of Gin?

Apparently Angela and I do when we are blacked out at 5am.

"If Fedoras and leggings were banned, there would be no fashion sense in LA" -Angela Tafoya

Are you fucking kidding me? This shit is hilarious cause it's so true. everyone and there pissed mother are rocking leggings and fedoras these days. Even fat chicks are wearing leggings!!! If I was a fat ass lezzy the last thing I would do is put a pair of glittery leggings that hug my ass so tight you can see the waves of cellulite creeping through.  Take this girl for example
What the shit was she thinking when she walked out of the house?  Don't get me wrong If you sport the leggings and it works for you then have it. I'm sure you look cute in them, but just because you live in LA doesn't mean you have to try and look like everyone else that does. 

As for the Fedoras, fuck em. Take that Justin Timberlake!

"I've always been such a positive person and I hate how it's so trendy now."

I never really thought about it, but the girl I met to today who said this to me was absolutely right! Since when was being nice cool? I don't want some posi Panzy douche fucker being nice to me cause it's cool to be nice. Fuck that, and fuck Posi assholes if that makes sense.  I need to start keeping it more gangster if all this positive attitude is getting passed around.  

I saw this guy getting his scooter full out towed. You have to be kidding me with this.  This dude must be some kind of straight up criminal.