Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The recession diet!!!

It's like a miracle diet!! It practically forces you to lose weight!!  I love it!!   It's such a nice feeling knowing that I just can't afford to be fat or really eat all at for that matter.  I recommend this diet to anyone and everyone.  It has been proven to work.  Plus every celebrity in Hollywood is on it too! That's how you know it's good. 

I wish I would of invested some money into Top Ramen stocks. I bet that shit is through the roof right now. 


angela said...

yes. the recession diet, recession wardrobe, the recession roses...alas, recession chic. it is so chic to be broke right now. broke is so the new it girl.

Adam Rindy said...

Hahahhaaah better yet I need to find the "it" girl who's just as broke as me so she doesn't hate on me for not taking her to dinner. Or better yet, making her a recession dinner. Care for Top Ramen tonight?

Anonymous said...