Thursday, March 19, 2009

Words of advice.

I've never really felt that I was someone that should be giving advice, not because I don't have good advice to give but more or less I feel that I live to a different rhythm than most people.  If I had to live and die by one thing though it would that nothing should ever be complicated. Nothing EVER!!! if you apply this to you daily life and everything you do I swear you will be an over all happy person.  Lets think about how this can be applied in an everyday situation.

My favorite thing to apply this to is relationships. Is your relationship complicated? Well get the fuck out then cause it shouldn't be.  He likes you, and you like her but it's just "complicated" right now.  It's complicated cause he's fucking your best friend and you just don't know it. If it was meant to work it would of happened already. Things should never be complicated.

You're hungry you say? Go get a burrito. BAM!!! Not complicated at all and now your full.


L E B E A S T said...

Dude. I couldnt agree more.

burrito's don't cheat, and they don't turn out to be rrrrreallly jealous......or super mega dependant......burrito's aren't needy, and all they want is for you to eat them.

thats all they want.

Christine Olson said...

This is why I love you.

Anonymous said...


Ashley Marie said...

Awesome advice! You should offer it more :)