Monday, August 11, 2008

So lately I have been taking a decent amount of photos for whatever reason.
to start off. My Friend Char wanted to recreate a real life situation that she personally was in and out came this photo.
Doing Laundry
That is my bike and my hoodie, so it kind of looks like me.

This next photo I shot for Chris Aire the Jeweler. When taking photos for him i didn't realize that I was shooting such expensive jewelry until asked. wanna guess how much this watch cost? o ahead take a guess.
Chris Aire Traveler watch
over $200,000 I shit you not.

The photos that I shot a few days ago are for a hollywood based clothing company that I shouldn't mention cause I am not even suppose to have any of these photos online until they go to print but whatever.
This shoot was pretty rad and I made so really rad connections from it that is already leading to other work. On top of meeting a super beautiful rad girl that I hopefully get to work with again in the near future. Stay tuned for the other photos after they go into publication

Last but not least, I got a new gold watch while I was in Reno.
Gold watch
it's ridiculous I know, but I am kind of ridiculous in General.