Thursday, August 14, 2008

I am going to London!!!!

Things are really starting to work out for me here in LA. I am pretty content with being a personal assistant, all my bills are paid for and that's really all I need or want, but lately, Things have been even better than that. As of Monday I have a full time photography job shooting jewelry for Chris Aire. The pay isn't that great but I agreed to do it for other reasons, and I'll share those other reasons with you at another time. So the same day that he offered me the work he followed by telling me that they have a spot in London Fashion week and if they go through with the show they are going to fly me out there to take photos for them. This is huge!!! An all expenses paid trip to London? I finally feel some what accomplished as a photographer right now. They are also flying me out to New York in September to shoot some stuff for them. My life could certainly take a tun for the better real soon here.

I can't believe they let me run around with all this expensive shit
There is almost a million dollars right there on my wrist.


Corey Nickols said...

Dang....I wonder what it feels like to have so much money on your arm. I guess this is what a gold digger feels like in a way....hahahaha

Tom CBP said...

A fellow photographer from southern UK covered the fashion week as a personal project. He showed me his images on his macbook at an event, so I'm not entirely sure if theyre on his site yet, but check it out either way.

Anonymous said...