Friday, July 18, 2008

So I've been back from Reno for over a week now, and I have no complaints. I love LA and I love what I am doing here.

I helped put together a huge charity event at my boss's house over the weekend. it was so much fun. I got to run around and take photos of old rich people getting wasted. Apparently people love getting wasted for charity, I am one of those people.

On Monday I went to the apple store to purchase a new iphone. I figured all the hype would have died down after the weekend. I was wrong about that though, I ended up waiting in line for 7 hours. The best part about that though was the free iphone igot. that's rite!!! I said free.

I go the white one, I just had to do it.

New iphone

You know what the worst part about driving a Bently is? It's when you get a flat tire in downtown Beverly Hills. It's okay though cause We were only down there to pick up the White Bently. The funniest shit ever is Rolling up to the Wilshire Hotel in a tow truck with a Bently on the back only to hand them the Valet ticket to the white one sitting in their garage. I'm sure they think we deal drugs or something.

This Sunday I am taking photos with an amazing stylist. i will have those photos up shortly after so stay posted.