Monday, July 07, 2008

So I spent the Last 9 days in Lake Tahoe / Reno. With out question I partied 9 out of 9 of those days. The only real reason that I went to begin with was to tow the Lamborghini down for Sheryl. Robert and I ventured out of LA at around 3am Thursday night. We took the periwinkle blue escalade down with the Lambo behind us in the trailer.
I love Reno and here's why. I floated the river and was drunk. I participated in the black label poker run, and I was drunk, apparently Tim was too and that's probably why he ate shit riding this.

I was lucky enough to get a tattoo appointment while I was there, thank god to people canceling.

I went camping while I was there too. Camping is fucking stupid, I don't know why people drive 20 minutes away to sleep in the dirt. It's okay though cause I was drunk.
Brittany was too. adadbocahx3

Little did I know that I didn't had to drive the black escalade back and follow Robert all the way back to LA. It took way to long, about 8 rockstars too long. A once 8 hour drive just turned into a 13 hour drive. That shit fucking sucked.
The black escalade
All in all I was super happy to see everyone and get to spend America day with my friends. Sinco de Julio as well.

I aslo met this girl, she can lick her own elbow. I was impressed.
Elbow lick?