Sunday, April 05, 2009

Doing Laundry is a dangerous sport

So after an amazing Saturday at the smash party (The best party I have ever been to in my entire life). I decided to pass out early so I could have a nice productive Sunday. I woke up, started cleaning, did my laundry and that was all that I did. You wanna know why? cause when I went to go get my Laundry out of the dryer everyone had left my house leaving me locked out. The building office is closed on Sundays so I was up shit creek with no phone. Lucky for me I had my wallet on me. So I threw on some fresh jeans and started walking down the street in my slippers. I found a nice place that sold Vans right near my house so I bought em, and threw my crip slips away then proceeded walking towards the Metro.

These be the fresh new kicks I copped on my adventures today.

So moving on, I made it all the way to West Hollywood and kicked it with Jen at her work and had some sushi while I waited for my roommates to get home. It wasn't that bad but it still sucked and I wasn't productive at all with my day due to it.