Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Vincent Gallo

So last night after hanging out at the studio with Jared and Jen we decided to go down the street to the Biscuit lofts where Jen has her recording studio. Upon arriving to the her studio Jens older brother and non other than Vincent Gallo are standing out side hanging out. (apparently they are friends). Being a Huge Buffalo 66 fan, this was a pretty cool person to be meeting. He seemed to talk and act just as you would expect him to, a little snarky, repetitive, witty, funny, and actually really nice in a conceited kind of way. He even some how made a reference to his own movie in the little time that we talking to him. I'm thinking he just wanted to make sure we knew who he was.
He went on to tell us how he enjoys cooking, and keeps a pretty strict raw food diet and has an enormous love for exotic meats. Such as a specialty raised RAW pork that comes in at $55 a pound or Cheetah. That right he eats fucking cheetahs, and explained it to be "a strong steak" and "very gamey". Coming from anyone else I probably would of laughed at the ridiculousness of that, but it wasn't a shocker to hear coming from him.
I wouldn't say I was star struck, but it was the first time I met a celebrity and actually had question that I wanted to ask them about their life. Like, "did you fuck Cristina Ricci?" , "Does Chloë Sevigny swallow?", or "What the fuck was going through your head when you made Brown Bunny?" I refrained from really asking him anything though and just enjoyed the awkwardness of his presence and the over all moment.

Jen- "Are those your stomping boots?"
Vincent- "yes they are."
Jen- "They aren't zipped up"
Vincent- "I don't like to waste my time."