Friday, March 13, 2009

So I started my new job today, Whoo!!! This will be my second tax paying job ever. I don't know if that's a good thing though. Having money is a good thing though so I guess I'm okay with it. Let me tell you a bit about it.

I get to wake up every Monday through Friday and ride my bike/or drive down the street to a clothing wholesaler where I get to take photos of Sample garments that are going to be sold to other distributors. I then get to lightly photoshop these photos and prep them for the companies web site. It's definitely not the most exciting thing I have ever done but t least it involves taking photos and using photoshop so it's not a tough job, and there is a cute little asian girl that works there so that's nice.

As for good news today, I was contacted via email from a advertising agency that happened to be at that 994 gallery the other night. I emailed me to let me know that they are interested in working with me. How cool as that! Hopefully that goes through cause not having money sucks balls. I'll keep you posted about that one when I get more information on it.

I went through the Downtown Los angeles art walk last night and it had to of been one of the best art walks I've been on. There was awesome galleries that had opened, crazy street performers, bums begging for change, and more people then I have ever seen downtown at one time. There were 2 things that really made it a cool art walk though. First thing was that Mr. Cartoon opened a tattoo shop, gallery, and retail space in my building. how cool is that shit!!! Second highlight of the night was that I discovered a secret comedy club in the lofts next to mine. I some how made it in past the guest list and was able to watch the show. it was pretty hilarious. What made it even more funny was my friend Jen kept texting throughout the show and the comedians pretty much ripped her apart time after time about it. That's what you get for being drunk in the front row of a comedy show I guess.

I had a long day to today and I am fucking tired. i think I am going to take a Disco nap about now.