Sunday, March 22, 2009

Fashion blogs

I love them!!! The one thing that I notice though with a lot of fashion blogs is that the writers love taking photos of themselves and posting what they are wearing. Everything from the ring on their fingers to the shoes on their toes.

Well shit, if that's what it takes then I guess I should be doing that too.

her I am wearing a Calvin Kline tie and sport coat, Underneath I have a black Dekoy button up shirt and underneath that I have on a Yoko Devereaux Deep V. Moving onto my jeans, Marc Jacobs black Skinny jeans, rockin it comando steeze, and even though you can't see them I have on all Black vans with no socks. 

Check that out I have a fashion blog now ahahahahaha.  By the way I was dressed up for a charity event at the California Country Club.  Right before the event I had some time shoot some photos of my lovely neighbor Angela Tafoya. I'm not one to shoot in natural light but I am definitely trying to get better at that. let me know what you think.

That was yesterday, as for today I am between styles for a shoot that I am doing with my buddy Marcus. Here's a nice phone photo from that. 

I'll have some photos of this shoot up in the next day or so. 


Justin said...

Marcus is killing it in those yellow loafers. Tods?

Adam Rindy said...

Yeah they were tods! He had a ton of dope shoes with him today.

Justin said...

I need to borrow some shoes from that fool! hahah

angela said...

sunday paper.

Anonymous said...

signed to your rss

Anonymous said...

и всё эе: отлично! а82ч

Anonymous said...