Tuesday, June 24, 2008

So over this last weekend i went to Las Vegas for CineVegas!!!! I had a fucking blast. Between all the C-list celebrities and free Greygoose everywhere I thought it would never end.

The travel video that was made documenting our trip through europe won the $5,000 award for best video!!! That's not even the best part One of those big checks were awarded, you know, the kind that has to be cashed at one of those big banks. On top of that, none other than fuckin Wayne Brady presented it " is Wayne Brady gonna have to choke a bitch?" ahahahah

Dave getting getting the check from Wayne Brady.
Wayne Brady paying dave
and me riding it
Winner winner chicken dinner!!

The next night we made our way to the Vegas magazine party where there had to of been well over 20 open bars, needless to say I was fucked up that night. The photo of the party doesn't really show you how huge the party was but sit me down and ask me about it and I will tell you tales of wisdom and courage that raged that night
Vegas magazine party

Later that night I met this gorgeous girl that was willing to let us take photos of her out in the dessert the last day I was there. She was pretty rad and I wish I could hang out with her on a regular basis. Either way I have photos of her.

The lighting in the photos of her were done with not only strobes but some expensive ass HMI lighting kits. check out the photos and let me know what you think.
ILana 3 set

Later this week I am going to Lake Tahoe for 10 days!!!!!! So everyone in Reno should know what that means. See you guys soon